FT-NIR Process Analyzer

                                                        Near infrared (NIR) is an electromagnetic radiation wave between visible light (VIS) and mid infrared (MIR). Near infrared (NIR) light absorbs the combined frequency and multiple frequency of the vibration of hydrogen containing groups (O-H, N-H, C-H), which contains the information of composition and molecular structure of most types of compounds. By scanning the near infrared spectrum of the sample, the characteristics of the hydrogen containing groups in the organic molecules can be obtained, and some physical and chemical characteristics of the sample can be obtained by comparison, such as the moisture, content, particle size, bulk density, mixing uniformity, etc.

                                                        1.No interruption of process flow, no influence on air flow and material
                                                        2.No samples
                                                        3.Quick analysis
                                                        4.Simple operation
                                                        5.Accurate and reliable
                                                        6.Superior predictive ability

                                                        Application in Pharmaceutical Industry
                                                        Ingredient identification, granulation, drying, coating, mixing, etc

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