Recombinant Protein Production System

                                                        The recombinant protein is a kind of protein obtained by applying the technology of recombinant DNA or RNA. It mainly includes polypeptide hormones, cytokines, recombinant enzymes, and other sub fields.
                                                        We provide a complete process system for recombinant protein preparation including seed culture, scale up, inactivation, ultrafiltration, chromatography, and preparation.
                                                        original strain, bacterial fermentation and induced expression, target protein analysis and fragmentation, chromatography, ultrafiltration, enzyme digestion, chromatography, preparation, filling
                                                        Optimize the management design of the analysis system according to the nature of the customer's product (intracellular or secretory expression), and improve the production efficiency and receipt of the target protein.
                                                        Reasonable pipeline slope and layout, filter selection, to achieve the maximum reduction of drug residue.
                                                        The key process parameters are controllable to ensure the controllability of the preparation process.
                                                        Sanitary components, fully automatic online CIP / SIP, sterilization temperature and sterilization time control are adopted to meet the sterility requirements of the whole system.
                                                        Follow up the customer's specific process scheduling, reasonably design the CIP / SIP strategy, and minimize the relevant consumption and time.
                                                        Perfect FAT facilities, equipment, and verification services.
                                                        Formula management, electronic signature, electronic record, audit tracking and other functions.

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